The Beginners Guide To Building Email Lists That Win 7-Figure Product Launches

New book reveals the exact 5-step strategy Email Super Affiliates use to dominate the leaderboards of the biggest and most profitable product launches online

  • The top 10 most profitable niches online that are the easiest and fastest for beginner affiliates to succeed in. These niches skyrocket your chances of success.
  • How a simple 5 step strategy won the biggest product launch of 2021. It outperformed 450+ of the Internet’s most elite super affiliates.
  • The #1 most profitable Lead Magnet that Email Super Affiliates are now using to attract the highest quality prospects with the biggest bank accounts.
  • Two free website resources that tell you when the hottest new product launches are happening, how to sign up to promote them, and how much you will get paid per sale.
  • The exact traffic sources, media buying strategy, ad templates and email capture funnels that are currently being used by Email Super Affiliates to build high profit generating email lists.
  • And that’s just the start…


Caleb O’Dowd is a professional Email Super Affiliate who’s been dominating the leaderboards of major product launches from his favorite coffeeshops in Miami Beach, Florida. Armed with little more than his laptop and email list, Caleb has recently won the Quiz Funnel Masterclass (a 7-figure launch), came 3rd in the Profits Singularity launch (another 7-figure launch), and came 7th in The Plan launch (an 8-figure launch). He is a million dollar earning email affiliate and is widely considered by his peers to be one of the top marketers on the Internet right now.


Chapter 1: The Email Super Affiliate Lifestyle: 10 reasons why it’s the greatest business on earth.

Chapter 2: The Art Of Monster Pay Days: Why product launches make affiliates more sales & profit than any other offer

Chapter 3: The Riches Are In The Niches: Thousands of markets to choose from but the “big boys” play in these 10 only.

Chapter 4: The Most Profitable Traffic Online: Meet the greatest source of buyers for promoting product launches.

Chapter 5: The Ultimate Lead Magnet: Forget offering free downloads in exchange for emails, this new way is better.

Chapter 6: High Profit Launches: Silver platter resources for finding the hottest launches to promote.

Chapter 7: Buyer Attraction Funnels: The exact funnel I use to build high profit generating email lists that win launches

Chapter 8: The Fastest Way To Become An Email Super Affiliate: Follow this 5 step plan to achieve massive success online.

There are dozens of launches happening online each month. My goal is to show you how to win these launches, consistently, and take home monster profits each time. — Caleb O’Dowd.


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Honestly, there is no catch. No fine print. No hidden trials. No shenanigans of any kind. It’s $5 for this book. Simple as that. There are, however, two reasons why Caleb has priced this book so low.

  • Email Super Affiliate Secrets is a digital download audio book you get instant access to. Digital audio books have zero overhead and shipping costs.
  • Caleb believes in overdelivering and giving outrageous value for money. His approach to business is to thrill and amaze you with this book. In doing so, his belief is that you’ll want more… and maybe… (just maybe)… you’ll come back and buy from him again in the future.

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“Caleb is one of the top marketers in the world.”

—Joe Schriefer
Agora Financial

“Rarely have I come across somebody who can make as much money as Caleb.”

—Matt Bacak
Internet Marketer Of The Year

“I’ve never seen the kind of conversions Caleb is able to generate.”

—Rich Schefren
Inventor of the Webinar

“Caleb’s methods are the best. I’m now pulling 12x to 14x on ad spend.”

—Jon Benson
Inventor of the Video Sales Letter

“I’ve made over $2.5 million in extra sales following Caleb’s advice.”

—Allen Baler

The strategies, tactics and techniques revealed inside Email Super Affiliate Secrets have worked to win 7-figure product launches. Even when competing against the most elite level super affiliates on the Internet. So when you order the digital download version now, not only will you get instant access to the book… but… your purchase comes with a 100% iron-clad money back guarantee.

Email Super Affiliate Secrets must live up to, and exceed, your every expectation. It must be the most fascinating (and educational) step-by-step book you ever read on The Beginners Guide To Building Email Lists That Win 7-Figure Product Launches. If not (which is almost impossible) simply contact support within the next 30 days and you’ll receive a full, and prompt, refund. No questions asked.

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